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How it works

With a free membership to our Gold Syndicate you will have a chance to win in every single Powerball draw in the future, as long as you don't unsubscribe. The membership is 100% email based and now and again we'll send you newsletters, jackpot alerts if there's a particularly large jackpot that can be won, and winning notifications if you win.

We're only playing for the Jackpot! All other prizes won by the syndicate are used to fund more entries in the next draw/draws to increase the syndicate's chances of winning the Jackpot. Since we're always playing a HUGE amount of lines we usually win a lot of smaller prizes. This is a very powerful funding source for more tickets for the syndicate. Another powerful source is income from lotto ticket sales that are generated from this site. The more people that order lotto tickets through us, the more lines we can play, and the more chances you have of winning. If you tell everyone you know about our syndicate it will increase your winning chances greatly!

If we win a lot we use the winnings for new line for several future draws. A few times a year the syndicate usually win rather large prizes. If we do we make sure we can play an enormous amount of lines for a long time, and we also use about 1/3 of the winnings to give free cash bonus prizes to randomly selected members. As long as you're a member you could get a cash bonus at any time! It's so much fun! Keep an eye on your inbox, just in case. Don't forget to check your spam folder too!

In the event of a Jackpot win, a second draw will be held where we randomly pick between 10-100 winners that get to share the Jackpot. The amount of winners depends on the size of the Jackpot and it's up to the syndicate manager do decide how many winners there will be, and how many prize levels we will have. All winners will be picked randomly using a randomizer. The only requirement to win is to have a free gold syndicate membership. If you unsubscribe to our newsletter you are no longer a member and have 0% chance of winning.

In the event of a huge win the syndicate management team takes a jackpot reward fee between 20-35% of the total win, depending on the amount of the win. This is payment to our seasoned experts who pick the numbers we play with (numbers that are statistically more likely to win than others,) the website team, the syndicate manager, and any other people involved in running USA Lottery Club.

So sign up now, if you haven't already, and keep your fingers crossed! Remember to tell all your friends about us too!